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Whatsapp Best Features For Better Chatting Experience

Whatsapp Best Features For Better Chatting Experience

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp Keeps bringing new features for users. Through these features, the company updates the privacy and security as well as improving the chat experience of the users. In the last few days Whatsapp Many new features have been added to. Here we are telling you about these new features so that you can enjoy WhatsApp chatting in a better way.Private reply in group chat

This feature of WhatsApp is very special for group chatting. With the help of this feature rolled out a few months ago, users can privately reply to members during group chat. To activate this feature in iOS, long press on the message in the group chat. Here you will get the option to reply privately after the option of Select More. After doing this one-to-one chat with message text box will appear. Long press the message to privately reply to group chat on Android smartphone. After this, by tapping on the three dots on the right side, you will get the option of private reply.

Pin important chats

In WhatsApp, users can also pin their favorite contacts. With this, the users with whom they chat the most are at the top of the contact chat list. Three chats can be pinned in WhatsApp right now. In iOS, chat can be pinned by swiping right. You must do the same to unpin the chat. At the same time, if you want to pin a chat in Android, then long press it. After this, you will see the option of PIN above. You can pin the chat by tapping it.

Delete chat photos and videos

This feature is of great use for Wattsgroup. Usually the phone’s storage is filled with the media files coming in the group continuously. In such a situation, the processing speed of the phone decreases. You can increase the storage by changing the WhatsApp settings. To delete photos and videos, go to the data and storage usage option given in Lavotsapp settings. Tap on the Manage option given here. After that you can select those media files (video, photo, audio, GIF).

Fingerprint authentication

This feature is of great use for the security of users. Now you can secure chats in WhatsApp with fingerprint lock. To activate fingerprint lock, go to WhatsApp settings and go to account. Here you will get the option to activate the fingerprint lock inside the privacy.

Call waiting

This feature that came in WhatsApp is quite useful. Now users also get to know the other calls during the WhatsApp call. This feature is available for Android and iOS.

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