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WhatsApp: Read messages and groups secretly, control 5 secret tricks of WhatsApp – whatsapp hidden tricks to enhance your chatting experience

WhatsApp: Read messages and groups secretly, control 5 secret tricks of WhatsApp – whatsapp hidden tricks to enhance your chatting experience
With over 150 million active users WhatsApp Currently, the world’s most popular instant messaging app remains. If you use this app, then you will know about most of its features. However, despite this, this app has many tremendous and secret features that you may not be aware of. So let’s know Whatsapp Let’s talk about some of the special and cool hidden tricks that will make your chatting experience better than ever.

1- Record hands-free voice noteThe voice notes feature is quite popular among WhatsApp users. However, very few users know that they can record voice notes even hands-free. For this, go to the chat window of the WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send a voice note. Here you have to swipe the microphone icon on the right side of the text box upwards. After doing this, the record will be turned on. After recording your message, tap on send button. To record voice first, users had to press and hold the microphone to record the message.

2- Bookmark important messages

WhatsApp does not currently have any message search option. In such a situation, it can be difficult to find old messages shared during a chat. However, the Star Message feature in WhatsApp works to protect you from this problem. For this, you have to mark the message that you may need in the future. Android users can view the stard message in the contact’s profile.

3- Read messages secretly

Many times there are occasions where you want to read the message, but do not want to tell the sender about it that you have read the message. However, there is an option to hide read receipts in WhatsApp, but not everyone uses it. Now you can read the message without even receiving a read off and the sender will not get a blue tick either. Next time, whenever a message appears on your locked screen, pull it down slightly. By doing this you will see the full text of the message and the sender will not get blue tick either.

4- Keep control of the group

Group chat is quite popular in WhatsApp. Through this, you stay connected with your best friends. However, there are some members in the group who have a habit of changing the group’s name or icon repeatedly. If you are troubled by such group members, then now you need to make some changes in the settings so that any change in the group can only be made by the group admins. For this, you have to go to Group Settings and go to Edit Group Info.

5- Stay online without touching the phone

It is often very difficult to check the recurring WhatsApp messages. However, with the special trick of WhatsApp, you can now read messages without touching your phone. For this, you have to install WhatsApp web on your laptop or desktop. It mirrors the WhatsApp chats present in the phone on the desktop. You can share files present in the computer with this.

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