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WhatsApp: How to know whom you communicate with most on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: Who was the most chatting with WhatsApp, know how – how to know whom you communicate with most on whatsapp

WhatsApp Today it has become the easiest and favorite way for friends and family members to stay connected. In this, users share photo-videos with chatting. However, there are some contacts in every user’s list from which they are chatting the most. If you want to know with whom you have shared the most WhatsApp messages in WhatsApp, then there is a special feature for this in WhatsApp too. Here we are telling you about a WhatsApp trick that will help you know how many media files (GIF, video, photo or audio) have been shared between you and your favorite contact. Also, you can also know how much storage these messages have in your phone. So let’s know the easy way to find it.

1- First open WhatsApp and go to Settings.


Go to settings

2- As soon as tapping on the settings, many options will come to you, here you have to tap on ‘Data and storage usage’.


Go to data and storage usage

3- After tapping on data and storage usage, you will see the option of ‘storage usage’.


Allow storage usage to be calculated

4- When you click on storage usage, a long list will appear in front of you, which will be written in which WhatsApp user has taken how much storage space.


See contact list

After reaching here, you can tap on any contact to know how many text messages, photos, videos you have sent to each other.


View chat details

You can also free up space if you want. At the bottom of the last slide, you will see Free up Space. As soon as you click on it, select whatever you want to delete and delete it.

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