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If your Google account is hacked, check this way

If your Google account is hacked, check this way

Today i.e. on February 11 worldwide Safer Internet Day Is being celebrated Google Is also offering password checkup feature to users on this occasion. With the help of this feature, users can know how secure their password is. Several parameters are set to decide how strong the password is. Password checkup tells users three things. In this, password hacks, reused passwords and weak passwords associated with Google account can be known.

Google shared the link

Google has shared a link with its official Twitter account so that users do not have trouble accessing the password checkup service. The link given in this tweet posted by Google redirects the user to the Google Password Manager page.

Password can be deleted or changed

The password checkup page gives you information about all the apps and websites associated with your Google account. Here, users can change the old password saved on these apps or websites. They can also delete the password if they want. On clicking the ‘Delete’ button, a pop-up message will appear on your screen, which you will need to confirm before you delete the password.

Google Maps turns 15 years old

In the past, Google Maps completed 15 years. On this occasion, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared a list of his favorite 18 Western restaurants across the world on Google Maps. Along with this, he also shared some information related to Google Maps through Twitter handle.

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