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WhatsApp tricks: Listen to audio messages like voice calls, learn 6 awesome WhatsApp tricks – WhatsApp hidden tricks for better chatting experience

WhatsApp tricks: Listen to audio messages like voice calls, learn 6 awesome WhatsApp tricks – WhatsApp hidden tricks for better chatting experience

With 200 million users WhatsApp Has become the world’s No.1 instant messaging app. Users worldwide are connected to their friends and family through this. In 10 years of travel Whatsapp There have been many changes in the company and the company has also improved the chatting experience of users with new features. It is going to have many more great feature adds in the coming days. Due to the arrival of new features, it also happens many times that we remain unaware of some features of WhatsApp. Here we are telling you about some such amazing features that will make your chatting experience more fun.

Send high-quality photos to the documentWith WhatsApp, it has become much easier to share photos with your family and friends. However, WhatsApp resizes itself according to the photo before sending it. This reduces the original quality of the photo. If you also face this problem, then WhatsApp has a special feature through which you can send photos in the original quality itself. For this, go to the attachment in WhatsApp chat and tap on the document.

After this, from the browse document, you can select the photos that you want to send with the original resolution. Now on the next screen you will see a folder containing all the images. Here you can select an image by going to any folder. In this way you can share the photo of the original size without reducing the resolution of the photo.



Listen to audio messages like voice calls

There are many occasions when it is not possible to listen to the audio file received on WhatsApp publicly. WhatsApp has a special trick to deal with this problem. Through this, you will be able to listen to audio messages anywhere without the help of earphones. Next time you find yourself in such a situation, immediately play the audio message and bring the earpiece of the phone to your ear. When this happens, the proximity sensor of the phone will switch the audio from the main speaker to the earpiece.

Hide whatsapp media from gallery

While doing group chat with friends, many such photo videos are shared, due to which you cannot show your phone to anyone. Due to auto download on, these photos are saved in the phone’s gallery. If you want WhatsApp to not be saved in the media phone’s gallery, then a special feature has been given in WhatsApp for this.

For this, now you have to go to group chat or whatsapp contact and tap on media visibility. Tap on the No option given here. After doing this, the photos and videos sent by the contact or group you selected will stop appearing in the phone gallery.



Delete media files from any chat

WhatsApp has many ace groups and contacts in which photos, videos or other media files keep coming again and again. Because of this, the phone’s storage gets filled up fast. In WhatsApp, you get the option to delete media files from a particular chat. For this, you have to go to the storage usage option given in the data and storage usage given in the WhatsApp settings. Here you will get the complete details of data shared with group chat and contacts. Here you can free the storage by selecting the contact or group through the ‘Free up space’ option given below.

Take backup on local storage

WhatsApp users want to keep a backup of the chats so that if the phone is lost or changed, the chats can be restored again. You can save chats on cloud as well as local storage. For this, you have to go inside the chat option given in the WhatsApp settings. Here you can backup chats by tapping on the existing chat backup option.

Save chats on gmail

You can also send WhatsApp chat to anyone via email. If you want, you can save WhatsApp chats to your personal Gmail account and save it forever. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp settings and go to the export chat given inside the chat history. Here you can select the contact whose chat you want to save on email. You can also decide here whether you want to export chats with media files or without it.

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