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google play store: fake apps on google play store, how to identify genuine and fake – how to identify fake apps on google play store

google play store: fake apps on google play store, how to identify genuine and fake – how to identify fake apps on google play store
While the arrival of smartphones has made many things related to the Internet easier, on the other hand it has also increased the danger on our privacy. In the days to come, such news is heard in which the hackers refer to the theft of money from users’ data and bank accounts. Hackers usually prey on smartphone users with fake and virus-ridden apps. In these apps, hackers insert the malicious code along with the virus, which gives them full access to the user’s smartphone. In recent times Google play store But there were also several reports about dangerous apps in which researchers had advised to uninstall these apps immediately. The security policy of Google Play Store is quite strict, but some app developers easily bypass it and pass their fake apps to the Play Store. It is also a matter of concern that many of these apps are duplicate versions of original apps. Most users make a mistake in identifying them and inadvertently give their phone access to hackers. That is why here we are telling you about some such tricks that will allow you to easily identify fake apps on the Play Store.

Pay attention to application

While searching the app on Play Store, many options of the same app are revealed. Choosing the right one can be quite difficult at times. If you also face this problem, then it is better that you watch the apps listed carefully. In comparison to original apps, there will definitely be some decrease in the icon of fake apps. If you do not see any difference in the icon, then there will be something wrong with the spelling of the name of the app. With these flaws, you will be able to easily identify fake apps.

Verify app and developer

The developers who make fake apps often copy the name of the original app and its developer very frequently. However, there are many things in it that fake app developers cannot copy. The name of the original app developer is easily visible to the users. At the same time, fake developers do not reveal their details quickly.

How many times have downloads

Download count is the easiest way to identify whether the app is real or fake. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp are among the most popular apps on the Play Store. Their fake apps can easily get caught. These original apps have been downloaded crores of times around the world and information about their download count is also given on the Play Store. In such a situation, if any fake app of a popular app is visible in the top list, then you can identify it by looking at the download count.

Read user review

An app is fake or you can identify it from the original user review as well. Fake app developers post many positive reviews to get their app right, but in these, you will also get some reviews that are telling the reality of these apps. If you get any review that has a negative comment about that fake app, then avoid installing it.

What to do when you see fake app

If you get caught by some fake app on Google Play Store, then you should never download it. With this it would be better to report to that app so that Google Know that there is something wrong with that app. For this, you can also flag that fake app. To flag the fake app, you will get the option of ‘Flag As Inappropriate’ at the bottom of the page. By clicking on it, you can flag and report any fake app.

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